How to change the language to aliexpress

How to change the language to aliexpress

Before, everything was simple – there was one version of the site. Later, different regional versions were introduced on subdomains. And Spanish-speaking users now automatically go to the Spanish-language version of the site. But not everyone likes it.

The translation of the website into Spanish is, to put it mildly, clumsy. This is understandable – this is done through an automatic translator. Because of this, sometimes the English version is more understandable and comfortable than the Spanish version.

Many naturally want to switch the site to English, that is, return to the original version. But not everyone knows how to do it. But the problem is solved very simply. Here’s the solution:

transition from Espanol to English

In the upper right corner there is an inconspicuous gray link “Go to Global Site (English)”. By clicking on it, you will switch the site to English and you will further view Aliexpress in the original.

If you want to return to the Spanish version, click in the same upper right corner on the link for choosing languages ​​and activate the site in Spanish.

Aliexpress language switching

It turned out to be so simple in practice. Happy shopping everyone!