What is profitable to buy on Aliexpress

What is profitable to buy on Aliexpress

I’m a fan of Aliexpress.

I buy everything there that I can: clothes, household appliances, gadgets. I don’t remember the last time I ordered something from a Russian online store.

Usually, goods from China are half the price. But in reality, I did not learn to save right away. In the beginning, I was constantly buying junk: jackets with smelly fur on the collar, cables that were electrocuted, and toxic children’s toys. Gradually I figured out how everything works, and now I save wisely.

Anything is sold on Aliexpress: mobile phones, motorcycles, spare parts for machine tools, household chemicals, shoes, furniture. All this is displayed on their windows by thousands of independent sellers. “Aliexpress” is a flea market on the Internet. Prices here are lower than in stores, because resellers, warehouses, showrooms are excluded from the sales chain. The goods are sold by the manufacturers themselves, without any extra charge.

What you don’t need to buy at Aliexpress

There are things that I do not recommend buying on Aliexpress under any circumstances.

Fake gadgets and electronic accessories. A friend bought a phone charger, it burned out in a week. I use my iPhone wire with caution and do not advise buying suspiciously cheap gadgets from any well-known brand. I don’t believe in the reliability of a 6,000 R tablet or a 13,000 R laptop.

Natural fur for ridiculous money. 99% that it will be dyed synthetic pile. To the same point, I will include inexpensive clothes of well-known brands: Adidas Originals sneakers cannot cost 1000 R, even on Aliexpress. Fake – maybe.

Soft toys for children. I successfully bought toys several times, but one day I got burned: the toy turned out to be stuffed with strange material, from which the hands of the whole family itched

Any items related to safety. I will never buy belts for car seats or a smoke detector at Aliexpress. Once I bought a glass holder for a stroller – it constantly turned over, and I risked pouring tea on the child. Once again, I bought ice shoes for winter boots to walk along the icy Siberian streets. The ice shoes were smooth, and the boots slipped even more with them.

Gift wrapped items. Most often, purchases in such boxes come in a deplorable state: they are badly crumpled, sometimes torn, and the boxes are broken, even if the seller tried to pack. Everything is intact inside, but the view is not a gift.

Sex toys and lingerie. It’s scary to imagine what they are made of.

Food, dry drinks. I would not buy food: I am afraid that it will deteriorate during delivery. But many people buy tea and praise it, so it’s at your own risk.

Seeds. I bought seeds of fruit trees, not a single one sprouted. On YouTube you can find videos on the topic “Look what I have grown from Chinese seeds.” Usually difficult to remove weeds grow.

What is forbidden to buy on Aliexpress

Spy electronics. An acquaintance of mine was summoned to the FSB for ordering a ballpoint pen with a video function. He was lucky that he never opened the parcel – he justified himself by ordering by mistake. All non-standard equipment that can transmit a signal about the location or secretly record video is banned: bracelets for monitoring children, smart watches or collars with GPEs, flash drives with a built-in video recorder and a voice recorder.

If you order something from such devices, you can fall under article 138.1 of the Criminal Code – “Illegal circulation of special technical means designed to secretly obtain information.” The maximum term is four years.

Counterfeit. International postal regulations prohibit the sending of outright forgeries. These are things that bear the same symbols as on well-known brands, but they differ in name: “Abibas” instead of “Adidas”.

Equipment without certification. Any means of communication supplied to Russia must be certified by the FSB. This category includes not only mobile phones, but in general everything that gives a bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal. The law prohibits the import of uncertified equipment, the most common punishment is the confiscation of the parcel. Basically, those who order more than 5 devices suffer from this, but there is no guarantee that your item will not be confiscated.

I recommend buying equipment on Aliexpress only in the official store of the brand, for example, on Timall. All other sellers will not bother with Russian certification.

Chemicals, pills and poisons. You will be surprised, but this is also available on Aliexpress. It is better not to order, so as not to fall under a criminal article.

List of goods prohibited or restricted for movement across the customs border of the Eurasian Economic Union, clause 4.1

Fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers. Even the Chinese sellers themselves do not advise ordering them if they see that you are from another country. These goods are also prohibited from being transported by air.