How not to buy a fake on Aliexpress

How not to buy a fake on Aliexpress

There is always a risk when shopping on Aliexpress, so I will tell you how to choose the right product and seller.

Read reviews. Enthusiastic messages about enjoying everything are useless. I’m looking for negative comments and those that describe the purchase in essence. Many buyers give unsubscribe reviews just to get a good seller rating. If the product has no comments, don’t buy. If there are only a lot of ratings, all high, but no comments, don’t buy anyway.

How to recognize fake online reviews

Unhelpful reviews: “I arrived quickly. The courier brought it. I liked it very much. Nice! ”,“ Super quality! It quickly came to Bashkiria !!! The size fit. ” From such reviews, it is not clear to me exactly how much the parcel traveled. For the author, “quickly” can mean that they were taking them for two weeks, and “good quality” means that there were no sticking threads.

Normal comments: “Thank you seller, fast enough delivery. I ordered 11.11, received 28.11 in the mail, received an SMS notification that the parcel was in my department. ” “Excellent light coat. I ordered size 46. For parameters 97/80/103, height 164 fits well, only the sleeves are long. If you like more freedom, take 48, but keep in mind that the sleeves will be longer. ”

There are specifics in such comments. I can decide whether 17 days of waiting is fast or not. I see the sizes of those who liked the thing, and I understand if it suits me.

Read the product description, not the title. The name is usually written nonsense to attract attention: “Irresistible dragon skin boots.” But in fact, boots can be made from cotton fabric. The material and its qualities are described in the product description.

Pay special attention to weight, size, quantity. Perhaps this curtain costs half as much simply because two of these are required for a whole window. Often goods are sold in packages or, conversely, expensive items are sold in parts.

Subscribe to publics. Most of Aliexpress fans are on Vkontakte. Type in the code word “Brawlers” in the community search and you will see a list of groups with product reviews.

Use filters. The simplest set: “Free shipping”, “Top rating”, “Only by the piece”. They significantly narrow the issue, but the risk of buying a bad product becomes less.

Don’t look at the perfect product picture. Photo models are taken on the title image – and the prison uniform will look good on them. For a photo shoot, they expose a special light, do makeup, then take a hundred frames, process them in the editor and take the three best ones for the catalog.

In life, a thing may look different, so don’t trust staged photos and look for real ones. Usually they are published in product reviews. If there are no real photos – write to the seller, ask to remove the item on your phone and send it to you to see.

On forums and social networks, buyers willingly share photos of things in the picture and in life.

Ask the seller if in doubt. Once I saw an inexpensive down jacket on Aliexpress. The title said: “High-quality silver fox fur is pleasantly soft and even natural”, the description says nothing about fur. I was embarrassed that a down jacket with a fur collar costs only 2500 R, and I asked the seller about the fur. He honestly answered that the fur is an imitation.

If the seller deceives you and sends junk, you will open a dispute in Aliexpress and show his words as evidence. The service will refund money for a low-quality product, and the seller will be fined.

Ask for a discount. To buy expensive goods at a lower price, this technique is suitable. I sometimes order a product, but do not pay for it, but write a message to the seller like this: “Hello! My friend recommended your product as very high quality. I saw the same product in another store cheaper, but I still want to buy from you. Can you give me a discount? ”

When an order has already been placed (although not paid for), sellers are more willing to make a deal. If you are given a discount, the price of the item will decrease automatically. Then you can pay.